Lloyd’s Lower Unit band

‘70s Rock B-sides (and hits)

great guitar-driven classic rock deep-tracks from the late sixties to the late seventies


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Minneapolis-based Lloyd’s Lower Unit was formed in late 2017 with the idea of playing ‘70s deep rock tracks from some of our favorite bands. Tired of hearing just the “hits” from these groups we felt it would be rewarding & fun to play the stuff you only seem to hear when an FM station does a band’s A-Z run-down. We therefore play the lesser-known tracks (as well as quite a few hits) from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Neil Young, The Who, the Allman Brothers and others and are always working on new additions to our song list. You may even hear an instrumental or blues number or two.

Imagine back a few decades, cruising along in your puke-green ‘72 Chevelle (only 2 payments left...) on a summer night with all the windows down (who had a/c?) and the tape deck cranking out somehow yet unfamiliar tunes from ‘Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and thinking, “wow, how’d I miss that one?” That’s the direction we’re going.

Our 5 pc. group includes 2 electric guitars featuring lots of trade-off soloing plus spirited vocals and a solid rhythm section. We have an eclectic music mix and offer a loud, high-energy performance for your venue, be it a bar/club or party. Not afraid to jam either, some tunes get expanded with added solos and become a different entity each outing.

We are based in the south metro area (Rosemount, Mn.) but don’t mind traveling a reasonable distance to play for like-minded classic rock enthusiasts.

If you’ve grown tired of hearing bands play the same overdone ‘80s stuff and have had enough “Bon-journey” then come & check us out; you may not know all of our songs but we know you’ll enjoy them.


Gabe M.


Will P.

Guitar, vocals

Steve C.

Guitar, vocals

Barry K.

Drums, percussion

Mike S.


Lloyd Z.

Mgmt, promotion, complaint dept.

A/V Dept

Lloyd's at the Legion



Fri Jan 25 Rosemount Legion 8-11pm

Fri Feb 8 Minneapolis Eagles #34 8-11pm

Sat Feb 23 Private Event Bloomington

Sat April 27 Private Party at Lloyd’s House

Fri Aug 16 Minneapolis Eagles #34 8-11pm

Sat Sep 7  Rosemount American Legion 8-11pm